El Zorro

A Legend was born in El Fuerte, Sinaloa, Mexico

12/12/2007 | The Secretary of Tourism, Mr. Antonio Ibarra Salgado and Roberto Balderrama Gomez hotelier unveiled a statue erected to the legend of El Zorro, a character who has become famous through movies and assuring chronicles born in this colonial town nestled between the Sea of Cortez and Copper Canyon.

Zorro_3This ensures that Alejandro de la Vega was married in Fort Montesclaros, now known as El Fuerte Sinaloa with a mestiza named Maria de la Luz Gaxiola in the year 1794 and from that union was the child born a year later Diego .

Later, Don Alejandro de la Vega entered a slump in the mining business and in addition who ran his wife died in 1805, which gave rise to seek new horizons that she expected to find in Alta California, where several civilians who years fuertenses were behind the colonization of these lands had triumphed over there.

Zorro_8The story was being forgotten, but by 1820 began hearing about the exploits of a California bandit hero who defended the poor from Spanish oppression. That intrepid character calling himself El Zorro, who was then ranked as the young Diego who years ago abandoned, along with his father, the house of El Fuerte where he was born.
The legend passed from generation to generation and still be heard in the days of Porfirio Diaz, but then the revolutionary movements of our country were left in oblivion, until the reporters came to dust.

Zorro_9This story was read during the ceremony unveiling the statue with the image of this legendary character who finds himself in the courtyard of Posada hotel, owned by Don Roberto Balderrama, whom the Sinaloa state government gave him credit for his 50 years dedicated to the hotel business and was joined on the bill by the Minister of Tourism, Mr. Antonio Ibarra Salgado.


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